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2023 BMW i7 First Look: The New Electric 7 Series Is Shockingly Brutal

The BMW has always been one of the most luxurious cars that you can get. It has its own standing in the automotive market, and there are always new inventions and innovations introduced to make it even better and superior.

BMW has a new all-electric flagship sedan. It targets a V8 performance and 300 miles range. The BMW is now competing with Tesla Model S, and this is being done by updating the 7 series lineup. New generation options are being introduced for electric and combustion sedans. The new flagship is being referred BMW i7. This is built on a new platform shared with the combustion-powered 7 series. This offers 536 hp and 549 lb. ft torque.

The i7 stands out because of its look, which is very unique. The combustion models have M sport package standard. Another impressive thing is the integration with the 7 series in a way that other BMWs have not.

This model has been tested and is estimated to be capable of delivering 300 miles range. This is based on EPA test standards. However, this range is yet to be confirmed officially. The car will also have a 101.7 usable KWh battery under the car between the axles. The latest cells are made in Germany, and the local hydro energy will be used to help achieve carbon-neutral goals.

This vehicle features transmission, power electronics, and an electric motor within a compact housing. They also don’t use rare earth materials, as with some competitors. There is also temperature control, charging software, and regenerative braking. There is also the charging navigation system that has been upgraded in this BMW version. Charging profiles are an added feature that makes things even better. These are suited for different stations, making it possible for the vehicle to prime for purposes of charging when it gets close to saved locations.

Even better models are being introduced into the auto world every day. Each vehicle needs to be cared for the right way, and maintenance allows it to run smoothly and for much longer. At the end of the day, you need to find the best repair service provider to address any issues your auto might run into.

Why choose apex auto garage
We are conversant with BMW models and know all that caring a BMW entail. We have the manpower, the tools, and the knowledge to handle all matters related to BMW. We can handle BMW repair Dubai with our state-of-the-art equipment ensuring that all your issues are handled fast and effectively.

Getting repair and maintenance jobs done well prolongs the life of your vehicle, which is a very important thing. There are many things that a vehicle has to be checked for, and we make sure that everything is catered for before sending your car back to you.

Our BMW service Dubai is always done after careful diagnosis. We also ensure that the services rendered are done at the most affordable prices possible.

Next-Gen Mercedes G-Class 4×4 Squared Spied, Special Axles Appear Portal the Deal

When the last model of Mercedes Benz G Class 4×4 Squared was released, Mercedes’ fans and true lovers were thrilled and surprised. This astonishment and amazement are again seen in the fans when a new model has arrived with better specifications and features. The bright orange G- wagon is spied on the public testing, and some beautiful photos and pictures of this camouflage model have been seen. Experts have found several new features, which are following: –

1- More Power
Previously, Mercedes used a similar V8 engine in their G-class model, which provides a humongous 416 horsepower of energy, capable enough to win any race. Mercedes-AMG G63 also had a 577 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque from a worked-over previous version of that V-8 engine, so maybe we will see more power coming out of the AMG Squared, too. More Power means more amazement and adventure, which is the need of the hour for some fans who tend to move to mountain areas with their cars.

2- More Ground Clearance
The previous model had 18 inches of ground clearance, but a beautiful engineering marvel has been seen in the new model. These are called Portal Axles, they use gear reduction and make the wheels lower than the axle centerline, hence increasing the ground clearance. So we can now see a more sophisticated ground clearance capability in the new Mercedes Benz G Class model. More ground clearance will enable the car to cross the tall obstacles and impediments without any effort easily.

3- Something Surprise
The original G-Class Squared was a modified version of the bizarre and weird AMG G63 6×6, which also featured portal axles but with six wheels (and three axles). That car weighed over 9000 pounds and was sold to only premium members in limited quantities. It is now up to Mercedes what their plans are. Will they produce a 6×6 version or not? Only time will tell this because the rich are getting richer and have plenty of money, so we wouldn’t bet against it returning.

4- Electric Powered
Some sources also claim that the new model may be electronically powered because only Mercedes is not coming significantly in the electric market platform. They may come and show their strength and caliber with this military-grade, rough-tough model. Because everyone has understood the importance and need of the electric vehicle market, the reduction in oil resources and the impact of global warming on the face of human civilization.

5- Price
Mercedes is a brand, and brand costs money. The older version started at $225,925 dollars to owe, so maybe this model will cost much more than the previous one due to improved engine technology and more Ground Clearance. Also, due to the inflation rates, the prices of cats are increasing day by day. Taxes are also a thing to consider. Since these models of cars fall under luxury, the government taxes them the most. Due to all these reasons, experts claim that this new model will also cost higher, and you can make that cost higher If you go for customization.

Hence seeing all these reasons, we can claim that the new model is something special and it deserves the time to wait.

We provide sophisticated and state-of-the-art Mercedes repair Dubai services. We have professionals and experienced mechanics who understand every part and instrument of the car. We, Mercedes service Dubai, are just a call away. We will never disappoint you. Your satisfaction is our remuneration.

Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles Getting Big Brains in 2025

Time has changed, there was a time when a mechanical engine was a big deal, but now it is necessary for every car. So is with jaguar and land rover. Every automobile is getting better day by day, whether it’s design, speed, features, or security. Moving on a similar path, Jaguar and Land Rover are getting a big change in 2025. A contract with Nvidia has come out, transforming the way we think of automobiles. Nvidia is designing a special software for Jaguar and Land Rover, which will automate almost everything in the cars from driving to parking. Here are some of the features that one will be able to see in Jaguar and Land Rover in 2025: –

1- Self Driving
Currently, only a few car companies provide self-driving cars, but they don’t have the feeling of royalty and grandeur that Jaguar and Land Rover possess. The car will move on itself without human intervention for a significant amount of time, with the accuracy and precision of the outside environment. This will be made possible using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology that learns the data of the cars provided, how and when to accelerate the car, when to slow down, when to apply brakes, and many more.

2- Automated Parking
Parking is one of the biggest problems of the urban lifestyle. One buys a car but doesn’t get a place to park either due to low-level parking skills in which he damages his or other’s car, or there is not enough space available. Automated parking will relieve this problem. Jaguar and Land Rover will park themselves without any help from outside. One will just have to give the command and then what you see is automated parking.

3- Strengthening in Security features
Sometimes, a driver cannot know which part of the automobile needs repair or which part is damaged. This little misinformation may create huge losses of life and money. Suppose someone forgets to check the brakes and they fail while driving. The new software will also solve these problems, it will do a security check of all the parts and accessories of the car and then allow the driver to start the car. It is also seen that sometimes the passengers forget to wear the seat belts, the system will also show these details on screen. This will reduce accidents and help the owner repair his car in due time, without any substantial damage.

4- A special software for Jaguar and Land Rover
Jaguar and Land Rover are expensive vehicles representing one’s social status in society. So how can there be software which is common in every vehicle. Jaguar and Land Rover will have specialized and customizable software with premium features to stand out from others. The software will be able to update when these cars move on electricity.

These were some of the features that Jaguar and Land Rover will get by 2025, improving their infrastructure, security, driving experience, and intrinsic features. These features will give them big brains.

We provide sophisticated and state-of-the-art Jaguar repair Dubai services. We have professionals and experienced mechanics who understand every part and instrument of the car. We, Jaguar service Dubai, are just a call away. Your satisfaction is our remuneration. We will never disappoint you.

Land Rover Defender 110: Who Needs a Pickup With This Two-Row Six-Seater?

Land Rover defender is considered to be a yearlong long-term vehicle. There is a great practical side of the Defender, although the 2021 Land Rover Defender 110 P400 SE doesn’t come with some luxury. A full-size SUV is surprisingly spacious. Defender brings it to ease when it’s the question of handling day-to-day trips. Land Rover’s cargo area makes road trip duties refreshing and smooth. The best feature of the defender is that it handles heavy stuff with ease which would otherwise have required individuals to buy a pickup to haul.

Securing load

The defender 110 brings the expedition roof rack, which helps in efficiently handling a 370 pounds weighted dynamic load. It brings it to ease when it’s a question of hauling sheets of plywood. It can handle eight sheets of 4- foot-by-8foot plywood. Loading of the roof rack becomes smoother with the option of a deployable roof ladder. Lifting also becomes easy with the air suspension. The suspension can be raised or lowered further to reduce the weight. Drop down the defender from your front seats into its access height setting of 8.6 inches and walk to the back, thereby opening the swing gate.

The 2021 Land Rover Defender is one of the coolest SUVs on the market.

The Land Rover Defender has a fairly polarized SUV. Although the classic Land Rover defender has ample fans and a great history, many people didn’t accept the new version with open arms. The new version was identical to the Jeep Wrangler’s new variant. Although consumer Reports were not pleased with 2021 land Rover defender, some people are left surprised and excited. The land Rover defender got a score of 45/100 overall. It consists of the coolest SUVs.

The best feature of land Rover

This defender is a good SUV which is the prime objective of all land Rover defenders. This makes it the best off-road vehicle. Land river defender offers pleasant handling on the road and a satisfying ride. The two optional engines offer potent acceleration. Technology is loaded in all defender models combined with a user-friendly infotainment system. Defenders come in two-door or four-door configurations in which the latter contains a cavernous cargo hold, an optional third row, a spacious second row.

Should I Buy the Land Rover Defender 110?

If the defender’s niche appeals to you as a prime luxury off-roader, then you can go for it. It consists of a solid value due to the midrange pricing and standard features.

Features of land Rover defender 110

  • 4*4 ground clearance of 291 mm
  • 8-speed automatic gearbox
  • Powered by 300hp
  • 3500 kg towing capability
  • 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine

Land Rover Defender dimensions and design

The new version of the defender has evolved significantly in terms of design as it has replaced the traditional utilitarian roots with a rugged sophisticated look. The taillight arrangements and squarish headlight are reminiscent of the traditional defender found in the new generation defender. One unique feature is the Alpine light window located above the C-pillar, in the roof, which allows users to have a great view of the outside scenery. The wheels range from 18-20inches. It is best known for its rugged and hardy nature.

We are a recognized company offering services in Land Rover repair Dubai. We are equipped with the latest techniques to provide expert Land Rover service Dubai. We assist customers in their needs and charge reasonable rates for our services.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Obsidian Interior Review: Probing the Dark (In)Side

Jeep company has made its first attempt to make a luxurious car having a great interior by launching 2022 keep Grand Wagoneer. The price of this luxury car has been kept similar to Lincoln navigator and Cadillac escalade. It has seen success in some areas while it has also failed in other areas. The starting price is $96845. The 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Obsidian Model is designed based on mid-grade Series11 trim and includes the following

  • Night vision or pedestrian animal detection
  • Active driving assist
  • Advanced security alert
  • Interior rear-facing camera
  • Intersection collision assist

Interior design and seats

The seats are covered with Palermo leather and made with contrast stitching, better quilting, and prominent piping. The massaging seats have a gorgeous look with great artwork and control the powered headrest. The walnut wood trimming art has enhanced the interior design of the beautiful car. This noticeable interior forms an integral part of the center console. One high-touch portion where the glossy black trim has been used, and people may nitpick is around the gear selector knob section used in collecting dust and fingerprints.

Buttons and knobs

Another luxurious feature is that the knobs and buttons are metal-trimmed. Aluminum is used intricately to design the gear knob. However, wear your gloves during winter as it can get really cold. The tuning knob and volume have been derived from McIntosh that looks splendid. The metal switch is used for both ride height and drive mode selector. The interior bears significant portions of superior quality, including the centerpiece that forms the stop and start buttons.

Problems in customer experience

One oddity is the control of cooled/heated seats by touch-sensitive location on black piano sheet trim. There is uneven backlighting which doesn’t look good, especially at night. Their function is also not that great. They require repeated stabs for activating them and don’t get turned on if you wear gloves. They occasionally can’t respond to user press and touch.

Another problem is the jeep’s rearview camera mirror, which doesn’t work properly at night when the weather condition is very bad. It makes driving at nighttime difficult in bad weather. Driver’s vision gets worse during snow or rain, and grand Wagoneer’s rear camera mirror can’t deal ideally with it. It can perform better only during the day.


The standard McIntosh MX1375 Reference Sound feature makes fans happy, and the entertainment system has added a price worth $3395 to the Jeep Grand Wagoneer Series II price.

Premium group II spiff has launched another new feature which has come standard on the Obsidian variant of grand Wagoneer, and that is the feature of the rear ventilated seats. All Jeep Grabs Waggoneers have the option of 3- across 40/20/40 slide bench or power recline that comes for $595.

7 Screens

The interior portion of the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer consists of seven screens and all features a cool front-passenger interactive display that comes for an option of $1395. This interactive display makes it possible for passengers to look clearly or see in the passenger window.

We are an established company offering extensive services in Jeep repair Dubai. We have many years of experience, so we are known for our reliability. If you are looking for expert Jeep service Dubai, contact us and get our assistance at the most affordable rates.

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