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2022 Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo Pros and Cons Review: Wag Swag?

What is all this fuss about? During the SUV of the Year competition last year, we didn’t like some of the new additions in the world of cars. Both the Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain and Audi A6 Allroad were not able to impress buyers because the two vehicles didn’t have enough features of an SUV to qualify in this department.

But we had a liking for both the wagons. The fact of the matter is that the E-Class won the Car of the Year award. According to Christian Seabaugh, the features editor, proper SUVs have a sense of gatekeeping. Therefore, the 2022 Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo is another great chapter in the realm of faux-SUV.

According to Porsche, this vehicle is Cross Turismo and different from the wagon version of the sedan by marquee called the Panamera Sport Turismo. Apart from the style of the body, the only difference between the Tycan and the Cross Turismo is the regular air suspension, an additional height of 0.8 inches, and a gravel mode.

Apart from the beautiful bodywork, the dual-motor power train of this powerful vehicle can produce 375 hp and a torque of 368 lb-ft. It comes with a slightly lower range of 215 miles when compared with entry-level sedans. However, the mileage may vary based on a number of factors.

Now, let’s find out the elements that differentiate between the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo and other German wagons. According to Duncan Brady, an associate online editor, you can have more fun on gravel and sand unlike other vehicles out there.

This electric wagon may be more suitable for off-pavement than other beasts out there, such as the mighty Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Bronco. The professional writing this was probably not asked to do six loops surrounding a sandpit for the rooster tails.

The users of Taycan Cross Turismo claim that it’s more of a wagon than an SUV. From the visibility point of view, it can make a great sports car. However, it doesn’t offer proper visibility, unlike SUVs.

And some users say that the absence of shade and the glass roof make this vehicle a no-no for a lot of buyers. Some people even hate this SUV for the same reason.

And it’s a common flaw with many of today’s EVs. In fact, it’s more noticeable when the vehicle is parked in the sun in the Mojave Desert. Some people just don’t like the roof from the back seat.

Apart from this, the cost of Volvo XC40 is 50% lower than the cost of Porsche. Plus, it can hit the 60 mph mark much faster in just 4.2 seconds. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Taycan’s motors are not built by Porsche. The Cross Turismo is not as efficient as EVs.

Although we do have a liking for Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo, it can’t be considered the SUV of 2022.

So, this was a look at the pros and cons of the 2022 Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo.

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Audi Grandsphere Concept First Look: A Mighty Grand EV Flagship Sedan

The Audi Grandsphere is a great small-scale, preliminary study by Audi. This study revolves around an electric drive system and a pretty interesting level 4 autonomy. Apart from this, it is a lot similar to the skysphere concept revealed by the German manufacturer. This model can hide the pedals and steering wheel automatically. Moreover, the Grandsphere leaves out the traditional dashboard to ensure the interior offers a spacious lounge. According to the company, the technology used in the Grandsphere will be used in future models as well.

Besides, the Grandsphere gives a new shape to the passenger compartment and offers vanishing controls. Although it is a minimalistic design, it features neutral colors, synthetic fabrics, metals, and wool. The interior is attractive and comfortable enough to keep you driving for miles without getting tired.

Apart from allowing you to handle your routine tasks like picking up passengers, charging the battery pack, and automatic parking, the vehicle comes with a pathway identification technology. With this technology, the car anticipates an approaching passenger and opens up the doors automatically. Besides, it can also choose individual profile settings based on each user. Besides, you can also adjust personalize comfort features, such as seat adjustment, climate control, and audio control, just to name a few.

The space between the front seats has a compact cooler that allows you to store one bottle of soft drinks and two glasses of champagne. Also, the doors come with a touchless MMI response. When behind the steering wheel, you can use this feature to choose from different functions and menus. Besides, the armrests have VR glasses in them. They can be used in combination with the infotainments system of the car. Besides, the Grandsphere comes with touch, handwritten input, voice, gesture, and eye-tracking controls.

The vehicle is based on Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The battery pack can store 120-kWh of energy. Plus, two electric motors power both the axles producing a torque of 711 hp and 708 lb-ft. This is the reason grand sphere can achieve a speed of 62 mph in around 4 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

With the charging technology of 800 volts, the vehicle allows you to drive for 186 miles in just 10 minutes once charged. Based on the power output and the drive system settings, the Grandsphere gives you a range of over 466 miles on a single charge.

Without any doubt, this new installment is grand-looking from every side. The wheelbase of the vehicle overshadows the wheelbase of Audio A8. The manufacturer wraps and a stretched body around the 23-inch wheels and adds other details like a hexagon-style grille instead of the regular single-frame design, fastback-like roofline, taillights, and LED headlights.

This vehicle allows you to enjoy a comfortable drive on the road. Plus, this concept offers more than just a means to take you from one place to another. Let us see what happens in the future as only the future can decide the fate of this new concept.

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This Massive Bentley Mulsanne Limo Should Ensure You Command Maximum Attention

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, The Mulsanne Grand Limousine is an ideal choice for Plutocrats and Autocrats like you. This vehicle comes with an iron fist and absolute power with a bit of correction here and there. So, if you have a lot of spare money sitting in your bank account, you can make use of it by purchasing this beautiful vehicle. If you are looking for a fitting automobile, you are on the right page. According to many experts in this field, the Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner is one of the best vehicles to cover your needs.

Although the typical Mulsanne was an ideal option for the rulers, it has already been discontinued. The great thing about this beauty is that it takes things to a whole new level. The in-house bespoke arm adds around one meter of length to the vehicle. Therefore, the total length of the vehicle is about 21 feet. Apart from this, the roof of the vehicle is elevated by 3 inches, which increases the space in the cabin. Therefore, passengers can easily get in and out of the massive cabin.

Apart from this, the Imperial Blue Linen interior gives a luxury look two Bentley. In addition, there is a glass partition between the drivers and the passengers sitting behind. Therefore, the passengers don’t need to worry about their conversation being heard by the drive.

Besides, the rear has plenty of space for 4 people who can sit face to face. Therefore, the passengers can have fun together. Apart from the prestige of a slab of luxury, this beautiful vehicle allows the middle class to have a little exclusivity as well. Therefore, it is an All-in-One pack for today’s bourgeoisie. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on one, we suggest that you give a go to this one. And we be that you won’t regret this call.

In other words, it is a brand new vehicle that you can roll around in. As far as the oily bits of this vehicle is concerned, it is just like any other regular car. Let us take a look at the engine specifications of this great vehicle.

As far as the power of the engine is concerned, Bentley comes with a Twin Turbo V8 engine. This 6.8-liter engine produces 752 lb-ft of torque and 505 horsepower, which is more than enough to give you a thrilling experience.

This limo comes with 21-inch wheels. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the Silver Frost paintwork that covers the top half of the body. On the other hand, the bottom half is Moroccan Blue. And this combo is quite attractive.

Today, there are 5 of the limos out there for sale as the Bentley Emirates has just reacquired them. It’s interesting to note that all of the 5 were under the possession of the same owner. They have had them since 2015. Therefore, if you find this grand-limo interesting, you can give it a go today.

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Live and Land Rover: Meet the Defender V-8 James Bond Edition

Land Rover Defender played a significant role in ‘No Time To Die”, which is the 25th film of James Bond. To celebrate the role of this vehicle in the film, the manufacturer has revealed the new installment called Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition. If you want to go for the defender V8 Bond Edition, you can choose from two versions: the 90 and the 110. Sofa, the company has produced only 300 units across the world. Let’s get a deeper insight into this vehicle.

Engine & Transmission

As far as engine and transmission are concerned, The Defender V8 Bond Edition has the same engine that you can find in defender V8. This vehicle comes with a 5-liter supercharged petrol engine. This engine is powerful enough to produce a peak torque of 625Nm and a 525 PS of power. Besides, this vehicle has an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the four wheels.

Top Speed and Acceleration

With this powerful engine, you can hit a top speed of 240 km per hour. With the three-door 90, you can go from 1 to 63mph in just 5.2 seconds. On the other hand, the five-door can reach 63mph in 4.4 seconds. So, both vehicles offer almost the same degree of acceleration.

Unique Features

The Defender V8 Bond Edition comes with an extended Black Pack and 20-inch alloy wheels of Satin Dark Grey. At the rear, you have a “Defender 007” logo and the front brake calipers are Xenon Blue. So, the logo make the cabin look stunning. So, it’s a great addition.

Since the manufacturer has manufactured only 300 units so far, you can find an SV Bespoke logo in the cabin along with the term “One of 300”. Also, the cabin has exclusives bright “Defender 007” puddle lamps and treadplates. Plus, there is a touchscreen turn-on animation for the amazingly beautifully Pivi Pro infotainment system.

Land Rover Defender Availability

In Dubai, you can choose from the two versions of the vehicle. So, whether you like the 90 or the 110 one, you can place your order and get it. Currently, both versions are available for purchase. So, if you have the money to afford one, you can go for it whenever you want to. In some regions, such as India, you can’t get both of the versions.

As far as the price is concerned, there are only 300 units of this vehicle. The price starts at $115,950, which includes delivery charges as well. So, the price of this vehicle is $15,000 higher than the base Defender, which is 110 V8. Apart from this, Land Rover sells the V8 version as well, which features two doors. The price of this variant is $98,550, which is worth it for a number of reasons.

So, this was an introduction to the new Land Rover Defender V8 Bond Edition. If you are interested in purchasing this great installment, you can go for the right version based on your budget and personal preferences.

For Land Rover repair Dubai, you can head to Apex Auto Garage. They offer great Land Rover service Dubai.

Mulliner Develops Massive 22-Inch Carbon Fiber Wheels for Bentley

If you cannot spend money on your Bentley Bentayga due to the lack of good quality Carbon fiber rims, you are on the right page. The good news is that Mulliner has a solution for you. The customization and coachbuilding division of the company is of great interest when it comes to developing high-quality products like this. If you go for these 22 inch Carbon fiber wheels, you can solve this problem once and for all. Let’s get a deeper insight into the massive 22-inch carbon fiber wheels for your Bentley. Read on to find out more.

Apart from being flashy and enormous, you can enjoy a lot of other practical benefits if you purchase carbon fiber wheels. Although there are many benefits, one of the most prominent ones is that the wheels are 13 pounds lighter than a similar forged aluminum wheel.

In other words, you can reduce 52 pounds of mass if you replace all of the four wheels. And the good thing about this reduction of the mass can help you improve your acceleration, handling, and quality. As a matter of fact, 13 pounds per rim is a lot of mass to lose. So, it can really make a difference in these aspects.

According to Bentley, the increased stiffness of the rims offers a lot of benefits. For example, in case of a sudden hit, your aluminum wheel can break down. On the other hand, the woven construction of the carbon fiber wheel reduces air loss in case of a serious head. Therefore, it reduces the likelihood of an accident, as your safety must be your number one priority.

Apart from this, it may also help reduce wheel deflection. Again, this can improve handling due to the consistent camber corner. As a matter of fact, even if you go for forged aluminum rims, they can flex in response to hard cornering. Although we cannot say for sure if you can have a problem because of cornering hard, the secondary benefits can help increase the sales of the wheels.

However, the woven texture is the best selling point. This structure is visible below the 10-spoke rims. Since Carbon fiber has been quite popular when it comes to beauty and structure, the appeal of the weave is still the same. These wheels feature a technical sporty look that adds to the beauty of Bentley.

If you want to purchase one, you should be ready to shell out a lot of money. In other words, you may have to spend a little more to make your vehicle more exclusive. As far as the release date is concerned, the new rims will be available to purchase later this year.

In short, this was a brief look at Mulliner 22-inch carbon fiber wheels. They are a new installment by the manufacturer. If you are in need of one, you can make this purchase to upgrade your Bentley. Just make sure you can afford this upgrade and that’s all you need to do.

If you own a Bentley and need to get it repaired, you should contact Bentley repair Dubai. You can hire their services to enjoy the best Bentley service Dubai.

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