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2022 Audi A4 S Line First Test: A Fast, Flawed Sport Sedan

Nothing beats an exceptional sports sedan, whether you are a long-haul tripper, an everyday commuter, or even a taxi. Whereas Audis has a reputation for subtle choices in the luxury compact segment under the radar, the 2022 Audi A4 S Line is very good but not as exceptional. It is an outlier, and most drivers have attested that the engine does not feel as gusty. It is, however, legitimately quick for a sedan that lacks RS, AMG, or M badges. It reaches 60mph in about 5.2 seconds.

The good
The S Line Audi does not drive as a standard A4, thanks to the brake rotors that are handsomely ventilated. The summer tires with optional 19inch also pay off in ensuring that the chassis remains stable even under hard braking. It translates into the ability to stop from 60mph at 111 feet which is amazing for a non-S4. It is easy to modulate and turn in brakes, and the steering is precise.

The shifter is a feature that has to be praised, especially for its details. It fits the palm perfectly, and the control layout is easy to operate without taking your eyes off the road. The rearview mirror is frameless, making the Audi above range compared to most luxury brands. On the shifter’s right side is a volume knob that controls 19 speaker Bang and Olufsen audio. It is powerful system buyers love to have for its quality.

This car feels quick and powerful, and the interior design is understated and functional. It has a 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen system. The display responds quickly, although it lacks an anchor point for the thumb for accurate inputs.

The bad
This Audi comes with a less mild hybrid setup leading to low-speed behavior. Whereas the start-stop system is imperceptible, it sends rumbles reverberating through the body. The dual-clutch gearbox also fumbles when creeping through traffic. It is an issue that a more powerful hybrid can resolve.

The A4 rides are firmly exhibiting road noises that cannot be ignored, especially on pavements that are not perfect. Although the suspension helps in body control, and the wider rolling stock also offers stability around the corners, it detracts from the aspirations of a do-everything sport sedan. As a result, your ride may not be as cosseting as you might want with this car.

Also worth noting is that the transmission seems reluctant to downshift even when the paddle shifters on the steering wheel are in use. This, therefore, dulls the response of the car greatly. The brakes also feel slightly numb.

The back seating is commendable for the considerable space between the seat back and knees. Still, it is unfortunate that the head remains firmly against the headliner which can get uncomfortable for most people. The cup holder folding out of the armrest is cleverly designed, but it is a bit of a struggle accommodating soft drinks that are American-sized.

The A4 S Line Audi is for buyers who love style and sportiness, and we at Apex Auto Garage offer the best Audi service Dubai to keep your car looking amazing. Our Audi repair Dubai can also help make improvements where needed with our state-of-the-art equipment and genuine parts.

The 2023 BMW i4 eDrive35 EV Saves You Money With Less Battery, Less Motor.

Reducing carbon footprint is the new way to go with everything, and cars have not been left behind, as the 2023 BMW i4 edrive35 electric vehicle will prove. This new addition in the i4 model range has a single motor that is rear mounted, turning away from the dual motor of the all-wheel drive eDrive40. It is important to note that this model uses less battery, which translates into less horsepower.

Compared to the eDrive40’s horsepower of 281, the eDrive35 offers 281 making it a little slower. It has the least power in this model range, making it an ideal option for those who don’t mind much about the power and are working on a budget. The possible price makes it possible to have a feel and look of the i4, considering that the standard of equipment and optional features remain the same. The eDrive25 remains identical to the eDrive40, which has been looked at as a smart way to save on redesigning costs.

The battery range is okay going by modern standards at 418km and has a net capacity of 66kWh. According to BMW, this latest addition makes it possible for the owners to charge the battery to around 80 percent from 10 in a quick 32 minutes. This is through DC fast charging and AC current of 11kW. BMW hopes global sales will hit 50 percent by 2030, which is not long. Whereas it might look far-fetched, the affordable of this EV makes it all possible to achieve.

BMW’s eDrive35 is $4000 cheaper than its sibling, the eDrive40. However, looking at the M50 performance version, this model is around $15000 cheaper. Production of this EV is scheduled for late 2022, with countries such as the US expecting deliveries in early 2023. Positive market response is expected considering what it has to offer.

Electric vehicles use rechargeable batteries compared to combustion engines, which are quickly faced out for their high levels of pollution. Apart from zero emissions, EVs have lower running and maintenance costs. In some areas, buyers also enjoy financial and tax benefits when using electric vehicles. When purchasing, the road tax, and registration fees tend to be lesser than diesel and petrol vehicles.

Therefore, vehicles are expected to take over as production from brands such as BMW increases. And just like how technology evolves every day, the vehicle features may improve with time hence offering more and more benefits. The 2023 BMW i4 eDrive35 is one of the electric vehicles expected to hit the market running. Even though it offers less for less, it is sure to be a hit, especially with first time buyers looking for convenience overpower. It offers mobility and convenience at a reasonable price and, along with that, saves the environment with zero tailpipe emissions.

At Apex Auto Garage, we will cater to every one of your BMW car needs. We specialize in BMW repair and service. AAG is here for your BMW repair Dubai, BMW service Dubai, bodywork, and even painting and detailing.

The 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 R’s Engine Is Bigger, More Powerful, and Tilted (Really)

The 2023 Porsche 911 turbo might be the darkest Porsche in the world, thanks to its special black paint in Japan at Pit One Customs. The GT3 R’s is just weeks from its debut, and the last-minute checks and tests are being conducted on the prototypes. This new 992-generation car has been in the making for several years, making it possible for significant improvements to be made to the engine.

This Porsche’s body is largely aluminum and steel, with the panels attaching to the body being carbon fiber largely. Whereas it is still water cooled flat six direct injection, its capacity is expanded by 5 percent. At 4194cc, it is a 4. The engine is also five degrees tilted forward, creating room for an underbody diffuser. The AC alternator and compressor are also moved forward and way down to improve weight balance. The GT3 R’s has a 65hp engine rated at 565 horsepower compared to the outgoing racer. The motor mates to a six-speed sequential gearbox complete with paddle shifters.

Looking at this car, it is clear that the engineers paid attention to improved durability, thus making it possible for it to drive faster and longer. Its design revolves around autonomous flight giving it a range of 124 miles with four passengers on board and luggage. Apart from the engine getting bigger displacement, it benefits from power curves and torque, which deliver improved performance, constant aerodynamics, stability, and reduced load on the car’s rear tires, thus allowing long-lasting potential.

Also worth mentioning about the 911 Porsche is the suspension that is tuned. The front axle is supported by a double wishbone setup using a multi-link setup on its rear. This comes with adjustable and improved KW shock absorbers creating more space for the diffuser. As for braking, it has six-piston 15.35-inch diameter slotted and vented front steel discs. They run from specialist company AP and join four-piston discs on the rear, complete with aluminum monoblock calipers. According to Porsche, the fifth generation updated software is important in reducing the wearing of brakes and tired.

The inward shifted driver seat is noticeably leaving it closer to the car center. It helps improve roll cage geometry and ensures the car complies with the new side impact protection FIA regulation. The pedals and steering wheel are adjustable without the need to move the seat, which is fixed. The steering also comes with a multi-switch setup adopted from the 911 RSR Le Mans racer and also features a 10.3-inch display sourced from the 911 GT3 Cup race car for the driver’s convenience. Considering the price is half a million dollars, it is not a cheap car, but it is worth the great improvements and performance. The reduced tire wear, improved setup, and precise steering are worth writing about.

Apex Auto Garage is your one-stop for Porsche repair Dubai and Porsche service Dubai. Our genuine parts and certified technicians ensure you have the best experience with your Porsche. In addition, we offer appropriate and accurate service at very affordable rates.

Will.i.am and Mercedes-AMG “Flip” an AMG GT Sedan Script.

Will.i.amg is a creation forming part of a campaign empowering disadvantaged youth. The award-winning artist will.i.am inspired it. While growing up, the artist used to listen to Benz stories narrated by hip-hop artistes. This made him desire to have a Mercedes at some point because having one was associated with status and power. Mercedes Benz is still one of the most coveted car options globally.

Will.i.am made it and became a pop and hip-hop superstar with black-eyed peas and has had many musical collaborations. While he could have a fleet of these cars if he wanted, this is not what he desired. He chose to flip one of his dream Benz cars to something with a deep meaning and special. This is how the dream was conceived. He decided to pursue a passion project working close with Mercedes AMG, which he called “the flip.” This is a Mercedes AMG GT sedan unveiled at the formula one Grand Prix in Miami. This car reflects his taste and style. It is also his way of reaching out to the disadvantaged youth and inspiring them to do even greater things.

The car was tuned and built at west coast customs. It may not have much aesthetic beauty, but it appeals to the creator, which should be enough. The main thing he wanted was a creation that he found appealing.

The car has very little resemblance to the original version. It has two colossal style hints with rearview mirrors fixed at the front. The car has a reverse flying V stance and a split glass roof. This design also has some Mercedes G-glass SUV elements at the front. There is a vertical face that is blocky and circular headlamps. The lower fascia is a massive underbite. Where there used to be a three-pointed star, here is a bear seen at the rim center caps.

The engine tune is still the same, and this is something that will have always professed love for, the power train is incredible and fast. Mercedes Benz cars have always been in a class of their own, and that’s why they are considered luxurious.

Taking care of Mercedes Benz cars should always be a priority since the cars are a true investment. Mercedes repair Dubai is best done at Apex Auto Garage. This is the best repair shop operating for over a decade and offers the best services in town. The main goal is to use the most specialized equipment for reliable and trustworthy services and outcomes. State-of-the-art equipment for diagnostics is used for the most accurate results. This is an added advantage.

Apex Auto Garage offers the best affordable prices, and you can expect Mercedes service Dubai in the shortest time possible without compromising the quality.

You should service at Apex Auto Garage because we deal with genuine parts, and we have the most experienced and highly trained technicians to get the job done. With us, you also get a free car inspection, delivery and free pickup services, and complimentary car wash when the service is a major one. We handle a wide range of repair services.

The Van Like Audi Urbansphere Concept Puts First-Class in the Second Row

We have seen many innovations and adjustments in the auto world. Some brands are well known for their classiness and are considered luxurious. One of them is Audi. This is a car brand making great strides in the auto industry. Their next move is to introduce first-class experiences for individuals.

There have been other Audi sphere concepts, but they focused on luxury and sport. These are the grand sphere and the sky sphere, which are electric cars and have self-driving capacities. The urban sphere is for those who live in compact and tight megacities such as southeast and east Asia. The main focus here is the EV layout that makes it possible to have a first-class experience. This includes a red-carpet path that is lighted for a passenger to walk through. There will also be individual screens, privacy panels, and water services during the ride.

When you look at it from the outside, the car looks like most EVs in the market. The body is CUV-like and bears short overhangs, four doors, and a liftgate. At a glance, you may assume that the car is just like any other. When you get inside the car, you raise that it is not just any other car.

This is a car in a class of its own. What you notice first is the red light at the bottom of the car. This does not lead to the front seats of the three-row car. It leads to the middle seats that look so first-class you may think you are in a private jet. The middle seats swivel, making it easy to access. This is made easier by the vehicle’s design which features an open-door design that is pillarless. The seats are a modern style, and you notice the center console, and below are glasses for the water dispenser, which is integrated into the design.

You can look at the private screen during the ride, and there is also an OLED screen to share with passengers. You can get some privacy by a simple button press which arches a panel between you and the other passenger, and you can lean the seat back for lounging. There is also a leg rest.

The van-like Audi urban space is one of the best luxurious car types that you can pick, and it brings in some very innovative and elegant features. To always get the best from the best cars, you need to get the best maintenance and repair from the experts.

For all your Audi repair Dubai, contact apex auto garage for the best services. At the apex, we make every car a priority. There are many services that we offer our clients. The services we offer depend on what you need at the moment.

We are conversant with different Audi models. This makes our Audi service Dubai the best in town. We have the right tools and know-how to handle all issues related to Audi. Our diagnostic capabilities are always at their best, so we can easily tell if there are any other issues with your vehicle before getting it back to you.

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